Cherry-pick the best from ”Take Command” together with the author, our global CEO Joe Hart, in Stockholm!

“Taking command of our lives begins with getting hold of our thoughts and emotions. That allows us to focus next on building stronger relationships, and then on directing our future.”

Engaged. Intentional. In Command.

Understand the concepts necessary to become more confident, resilient, and resourced professionals who have a network of support and a clear vision for our success.

What we will cover

The 3 ways that you can develop a pathway to success, through intentionality, deeper relationships, and finding your own inner strength.

We will explore what questions we can ask ourselves when we are facing different situations and what we can do to be at our best as leaders and teammates:

  • How can we build enduring relationships?
  • How do you cultivate your purpose – your WHY?
  • What would happen in our lives if we changed our undermining thoughts to something that serves us?
  • How do we create our desired future?
  • How are You going to take command?

Why it is important

The most successful and well-rounded professionals have the confidence to step up, speak up and lead. They have a network of colleagues and friends who support them along the way.  Successful professionals approach each day with intentionality and mindfulness to ensure they make the most of their present and future.

Join us to reflect and get inspired

Date: Friday 13th of September
Time: 8.00-10.00. At 7.30, breakfast with sandwich and Coffee.
Location: iOffice, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm
Investment: Free, registration needed


About the authors

Becoming CEO of Dale Carnegie in 2015, Joe Hart has continued to lead the effort that has helped thousands of organizations and millions of individuals take command—of their businesses, their careers, and their futures.

Michael Crom is a Board Member of Dale Carnegie & Associates and is also Dale Carnegie’s grandson. He is also an author and has published several books.

Who should attend

This event is exclusively designed for leaders and team members who want to become more well-rounded, confident professionals.

TAKE COMMAND is the modern manual that builds on the principles of stories of How to Win Friends & Influence People, featuring stories from today’s leaders of diverse cultures and ages. Helping us use the tools necessary to create breakthroughs for ourselves, relationships, and our organization.

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