Mid-term evaluation, Communication and Leadership… 2018

Objectives are everywhere, and they are often associated with effort or pressure, and set either by us as employees or by the company. Our experience is often that we are focusing on the goal itself, but there is no plan how to achieve the goal. Meaning, what steps and goals to set on the way. But rarely or never, mid-term evaluations are made and yet the disappointment is obvious when goals are not achieved! The process, i.e. planning, is the foundation for achieving goals.

During the first part of the training we have worked on several goals to develop in line with our overall goal. At the mid-term evaluation meeting we sit down together and review the progress of the work. What has worked well? What synergies have been created? What will be the next step?

Your feedback as a manager is often crucial. In particular, you show from your perspective what effect your employee’s efforts have given. In order to be prepared for our meeting, we ask you to answer the following questions. Your employee has been asked to answer the same questions.



Your commitment makes a difference!