Live a Bit on the Edge Every Now and Then with Saana Azzam

Live a Bit on the Edge Every Now and Then with Saana Azzam

Saana Azzam is the Founder, CEO & Chief Inspirational Officer of MENA Speakers, The Middle East’s leading speaker’s bureau. She is an award-winning international economist, Forbes contributor, an international keynotes speaker, and a business influencer. Her success is grounded in helping businesses in The Middle East select the right speakers for their events.

Saana was born in Germany, raised in Sweden by Palestinian parents, has lived in the UK, USA, and the UAE (currently in Dubai), and speaks five languages. She defines herself as a citizen of the world and a sum of all the people she has met, all the places she has visited, and all the books she has read. She holds a Master’s in Economics and was named “Female Economist of the Year” by the Stockholm School of Economics in 2010. She then found her area of interest and specialized in Leadership Communication at Harvard University.

After her career as a gold trader in banking, Saana realized that public speaking is what excites her and what she had always wanted to do. When she moved to Dubai, she saw there were no organizations representing speakers in the Middle East. She saw an opportunity and founded and grew her business in the events speaking industry. Her diverse background and cultural awareness helped her understand the various leadership styles practiced in different countries and became a speaking coach for young entrepreneurs. She defines her leadership style as servant and situational.

Her advice to young female leaders is to take on opportunities going all in and be prepared to be uncomfortable. Saana believes that in 2022 we can easily change jobs with an open mind and heart, that micro careers are the new norm now, and we should not be afraid to try out new occupations.

To stay aligned, Saana relays on coaches and mentors. Her routine includes meditation, journaling (in apps), and reading books. She emphasizes the importance of mental health and finding the things/places that help you stay balanced, calibrated, and feel good about yourself, so you can fully contribute to the success of your family, friends, team, and clients.

Join us to hear Saana’s valuable insights on courage, persistence, finding your passion, and living a bit on the edge.