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Leading Virtual Teams

Due to the current global crisis many organisations have been compelled to reconsider their present working arrangements. This has required them to adjust their day-to-day practices and quickly reorganise their operations, in order to adapt to the ever-changing commercial landscape and maintain some degree of business continuity.

At Dale Carnegie, we know that whilst virtual teams are very similar to traditional teams, clear communication and meaningful collaboration occurs much more naturally when face-to-face. Because of this, it is imperative that leaders of virtual teams purposely plan for and work toward engineering the right environment for successful team unity.

What You’ll Learn

Delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions, this online programme will help equip leaders with the attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary to lead virtual teams to new levels of effectiveness.

Completion of this programme will enable participants to:

  • Create a virtual team environment based on relationships and camaraderie
  • Establish clear team expectations based on mutual trust and respect
  • Communicate effectively and use technology that fits the organisational culture
  • Identify ways to foster an environment of virtual teamwork, group effort and cooperation

Why you want to learn it

Remote working and dispersed teams are not new, and in the future it is likely to be more prevalent. But at this moment in time the sudden and unanticipated numbers of remote workers has risen dramatically, requiring the majority of business leaders to develop a new skill-set.

How it will help you

In order to keep their businesses productive and profitable, business leaders need to be agile and develop new ways of working to ensure commercial obligations are satisfied, output is sustained, and targeted results are achieved.

This online workshop will help businesses create a climate of trust, inspire motivation and encourage regular discourse during times of great disruption, to try and minimise impact to employees and the bottom line.

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