Welcome to High Impact Presentations 31 May-1 June 2018 in Gothenburg!

To resist the pull of the same old same old, as a speaker we need to regularly practice our ability to present, inspire and deliver, to avoid leaving anything to chance.

Through the course you will get new tools and mental training to use in your communication, with the purpose of highlighting your personality, create flexibility, be more inspiring and achieve new results. We begin with you and your personality. We make you aware of what makes you unique, your strengths as a communicator and together, we add structure, clarity and inspiration to your communication.

You work on your argumentation skills and ability to prepare inspiring presentations and deliver these with the greatest possible impact, tailored to each situation and audience.

The literature consists of Dale Carnegie’s classic, The quick and easy way to effective speaking, translated into more than 20 languages.

To ensure high quality and an effective experience exchange, we need at least 12 registered participants to the program, one month before the start. If this is not the case, the start date will be postponed one or two months. You will immediately be notified of a new date.

Terms of payment are net 30 days. The registration is binding six weeks before the start of the program. Change of program must be done no later than six weeks before the start. A registered participant can be replaced with another person up to one week before the start. We will refund the registration fee if you cancel your reservation six weeks before the start of the program. Should the cancellation be made less than six weeks before the start of the program, the policy for change of programs applies.

A Certificate is awarded to those who have actively participated during both days and demonstrated progress and the ability to apply the new tools in their daily lives. Also, remember that you have a one-hour individual coaching and review session at Dale Carnegie before a sharp presentation, available up to one year after the course.

Time, place and instructor

Bring your best attitude and a smile, as it opens doors and builds relationships. It is through other people´s experiences we discover new insights – both professionally and personally.