Your employee is about to take the next step – and this is your contribution! Communication and Leadership …MALL

Thank you for trusting us in developing your employee through Dale Carnegie’s Communication and Leadership program. As a manager, you want to see your employee make progress, and we would like to remind you that your commitment is crucial, which you probably already are aware of.

Your employee will go through an intense personal development that will affect them deeply. Our goal is to create a foundation for new habits, so that participants get even better at creating results in their daily lives, both for themselves and for the company. We also know that the best results are created when there is collaboration between you as a manager, the participant in the program and the Dale Carnegie instructor.

What you can do:

1. Give your employee an assignment

Create SMART goals to get strong employees who develop a culture of success in the company.

2. Mid-term evaluation

Together we will review your, your employee´s and our reflections on development. The Dale Carnegie instructor will book a meeting with you.

We will send a questionnaire to you closer to the date of the meeting for the mid-term evaluation.

3. Come and celebrate success on …!

Mark your calendar for your employee´s certification. You can feel it in the air, that something special is going on, when people who are important to the participants come and listen to their progress and insights. You will also hear about the employee’s updated goals.




Your commitment makes a difference. Welcome!