Live Online Course

How to Present Online

By practicing Dale Carnegie principles, masterfully using technology, and creating superior visuals, online presentations become dynamic and powerful.

Join us for this session where you will learn how to break the mould of boring webinars and set the standard for Online Presentations.

What You’ll Learn

If you are tasked to be the next online presenter in your organisation, this session will help you shine!

  • Establish trust, credibility, and respect with an online audience.
  • Identify differences between online and face-to-face presentations.
  • Engage the online audience with strong visuals and maximum interactivity.
  • Use technology to open, close, and deliver a strong message with impact.

Primary Competencies: Communication, Adaptability
Related Competency Categories: Creative Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Technology


Why you want to learn it

Successful organisations today must communicate quickly and effectively across geographic boundaries. Presenting online is often the best solution to get information and training to the people who need it most, when they need it.

Dale Carnegie outlined four ways that people evaluate us: what we say, how we say it, what we do, and how we do it. These tenets hold true for any presentation, whether delivered face-to-face or online.

An online presentation delights its audience only when voice, visuals and technology come together to deliver a high impact engaging experience. Distractions are the norm; interactive and powerfully simple presentations are the solution.

How it will help you

Virtual meetings and dispersed workforces are a growing reality of modern business. This workshop will give you the essential skills needed to present in any situation you face.

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