Empowering Change, Confidence, and New Opportunities with Deena Ghazarian

Empowering Change, Confidence, and New Opportunities with Deena Ghazarian

Who is Deena Ghazarian?

Deena Ghazarian is a former retail executive at Macy’s who has transitioned into a tech executive and is currently the CEO of Austere, an award-winning technology accessories company. She is also the co-founder of Chloe Nickie, a women’s shoe business that provides higher-end brands at reasonable prices and donates a significant portion of its profits to support autism spectrum disorders

What will you learn?

1. The Value of Listening and Collaboration: Deena Ghazarian highlights the importance of actively listening to others before making significant decisions. Takeaway: Actively engaging in conversations and seeking input from others can lead to more informed and successful choices.

2. Building a Strong Professional Network:  Deena emphasizes that her network has consistently led to career opportunities and advises against burning bridges. Takeaway: Nurturing and maintaining professional relationships can open doors to various opportunities and should be treated as an asset.

3. Being a Servant Leader and Mentor: Deena promotes mentoring others regardless of their age or experience, fostering a culture of mentorship. Takeaway: Mentoring not only fulfills but also helps individuals become better leaders and peers, fostering personal and professional growth for both mentors and mentees.

4. Embracing Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Deena’s journey from fashion to technology leadership illustrates the transformative power of leadership and entrepreneurship. Takeaway: A willingness to adapt and seize opportunities, even in different industries, can lead to personal and professional growth, as well as the creation of innovative ventures.

Story Summary:

Deena Ghazarian’s career journey took her from the fashion world as a retail executive at Macy’s to becoming a tech executive and the CEO of Austere, a technology accessories company. She co-founded Chloe Nickie, a women’s shoe business that supports autism spectrum disorders through its profits. Deena emphasizes the significance of listening to others, building a strong network, and being a mentor, regardless of age or experience, to achieve personal and professional growth. She encourages individuals to embrace the power of leadership and entrepreneurship.

Join us and listen to Deena’s experience and insights about the importance of open communication, networking, mentorship, and adaptability in our career journey.