Family Entrepreneurship: From Personal Well-being to Team Synergy and Growth with Christina Dorr Drake & Rusty Drake

Family Entrepreneurship: From Personal Well-being to Team Synergy and Growth with Christina Dorr Drake & Rusty Drake

Christina Dorr Drake & Rusty Drake, co-founders of Willa’s Organic Oat Milk, faced the dual challenges of launching their new product during Covid-19 Pandemic and navigating Christina’s breast cancer journey This episode explores their entrepreneurial lessons, emphasizing communication, relationship building, resilience, and the vital role of self-care in business. From battling cancer to empowering teams, their inspiring journey encapsulates the strength found in adversity and the keys to building a successful product, brand & collaborations.

What You Will Learn:

Communication Skills in Entrepreneurship: Rusty, drawing from his Dale Carnegie training background and experience, emphasizes the critical role of clear, frequent, and honest communication in entrepreneurship. Discover how effective communication impacts negotiation, sales relationships, and team leadership in the day-to-day operations of a global brand.

Relationship Building in Sales: Rusty delves into the heart of his approach to sales, highlighting the importance of relationships. As Head of Sales at Willas, Rusty uses his Dale Carnegie communication and sales skills to navigate various industries, mastering the unique ”language” of different stakeholders. Learn how building connections and friendships is the key to success in diverse markets.

Resilience and Personal Agency: Hear Christina’s inspiring story of confronting breast cancer head-on. She shares her perspective on taking ownership of her treatment plan, maintaining agency in the face of a challenging diagnosis, and turning adversity into strength. Her journey serves as a powerful reminder to flip the script and find empowerment in difficult times.

Self-Care Culture in Entrepreneurship: Both Rusty and Christina emphasize the importance of mental health, therapy, and coaching for themselves, their teams, and their business. They discuss their commitment to adding self-care sessions to busy work calendars. Discover how prioritizing mental and physical health contributes to a stronger foundation for both personal well-being and business success.

Asking for Help and Empowering Teams: Starting a business is challenging and demanding. Rusty and Christina share the importance of asking questions and seeking mentorship and help. Learn about the value of hiring experts to complement your skills and foster a sense of empowerment within your team. They highlight the power of collaboration, delegating tasks, and the strength that comes from learning and problem-solving together.